Shooting Your First Wedding

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“I was just wondering if you had any advice for shooting my first wedding? I appreciate any advice”




We still remember shooting our first wedding and the butterflies and nervous feeling we felt! Every wedding day is such an adrenaline rush of emotions, and there are so many things to think about and do before, the day of and even after the Wedding Day.

So where to start?

We tried to come up with a way we could help our fellow Newbie Wedding Photographers out there. We decided we wanted to share our Top 3 Tips that we learned along the way.



1. Don’t JUST be a photographer!

You’re a helper, an encourager, an advocate, and a friend to your bride & groom. Offer your help and always be willing to notice little things even a bridesmaid may need help with. Let your first instincts not be just the photos, but always be to love and serve. The way we treat people matters as much as the photos we capture.

Sometimes those little things like helping bring flowers to the Brides room, fixing a dress malfunction, carrying your brides dress, fixing a tie or pinning a dress thats to big…. those things are often the moments your clients remember of you the most.



Go about the day with a servant’s heart and go out of your way to make people feel cared for and special.

MOSTLY….. smile. SMILE A lot. Be so full of joy that it spreads to everyone around you! That’s what the Love Day is all about.


…. and we should be the same way as well!



2. Dress professionally!

You’ll be making a lot of first impressions during that wedding day and all your wedding days!

Choose something that reflects what you want to express. How you want others to see not you, but the reflection of your business and how you carry your business. We used to ONLY wear all black and it just screams, I’m JUST another vendor! Now we have switched to really wearing outfits that fit our personality.

Remember you attract clients that are most like you! …. It’s crazy truth!

So, Instead wear something spectaccular, cute, classy and professional, and inviting!


Some ideas include:

For the Women –

A long elegant / business casual dress

A pencil skirt with a nice blouse


For the Men –

Khaki pants and a colorful classy Polo

Nice Navy blue slacks with a light blue button up and sweater vest


Even though you’re a newbie, people will take you seriously and trust you more  if you treat yourself professionally.

And  most importantly, wear comfortable shoes! Your feet will thank you later! Trust Us!



3. Plan and Prep!

The BEST thing you can do to prep yourself is to offer to second shoot or assist for wedding photographers in your area before your first wedding. This will allow you to not only get more experience, but you can also see what photographing a wedding is like before diving into it yourself!

Shooting a wedding is on its own planet of Photography, and you’re going to feel so much more confident and prepared this way and the more wedding education you can absorb between now and then, the better.

Also, spend time writing out a photography timeline for your clients. Figure out what you want to accomplish and photograph specifically during each part of the day.

If you just show up without a plan, you’ll easily feel overwhelmed and possibly missing something important because there’s so much going on. If you have a plan and know what shots you need or want, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and ultimately serve your clients with the joy, love and professionalism they deserve!

When planning we also take the time to have our clients send us a list of their family members they want in their Family Portraits. This will allow you to create a specific Formal Family Shot List prior to the Wedding Day. Ultimately this will not only show your clients how much you care, but also ensure the family portraits run smoothly and allow you to have plenty of time for your Bride & Groom formals!


We hope these tips help you and we are so ecstatic for your first Wedding!

Your biggest fans cheering you on, D & H!


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