Aurora’s Two – Riverview, FL

The Regent


Today is this Sweet Peas Two Year Old Birthday and what better way to wish her a wonderful year than a blog post all about her!


We had the pleasure to capture many memories for this loving family over the years, including Aurora’s one year portraits. Seeing her grow over the past year has been such a blessing to witness, but where does the time go? You can’t even blink or you will miss something.


Aurora is truly growing into her own personality….. Sweet and loving, with a lil bit of sass!


She loves to sing and dance.

She knows her numbers and will count out loud.

She loves to run and dress in her Princess outfits.

She plays hide and seek…. (it’s the cutest thing ever).


Not only do we adore the birthday girl, we just absolutely adore her entire family! When we say that our clients mean the world to us….. it’s because we truly mean it! Our clients really do become some of our closest and best friends. ┬áHonestly, more like family!


Happy Second Birthday Princess Aurora, We love you!


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